Rudy La Scala

King Midas
Rudy La Scala the composer of the time...
Also Triumphs as a singer!


Karina, Kiara and now Guillermo Dávila are the result of his work as a music producer. They call him “The King Midas” (everything Midas touched turned to gold, a term referred to as, the golden touch) of music and also as a singer he is reaping success... A complete/true artist!

Karina was a hit, Kiara has become one of the most famous singers of the country and now Guillermo Dávila abducts/seduces women with love…a line up of vocalist with lots of success, which they owe in big part to one person only, Rudy La Scala.

This musician is known for being one of the producers with great projection within the record industry realm. In all the productions where his talent is involved, remarkable satisfactions are obtained. Yet, not only as a producer has Rudy achieved success. As a singer, he has also been able to conquer the musical billboards of the country and of various places in Latin America.

Recently he traveled to Chile with the purpose of making a series of presentations in television and radio. His hits “Eres Mía” and “Por Que Te Amo Tanto”, have already gained great acceptance amongst the people of that nation.

Rudy La Scala’s career has slowly experimented changes. Not only in the style but also in the versatility he has achieved as an artist. His productions have surpassed the number of sales and various singers seek his help in order to make it in the difficult world of music.

There are many examples, but the one that stands out is the Karina phenomenon. Under the musical guidance/management of Rudy La Scala, this Venezuelan singer has been a major sensation, her songs have been played continually on the radio and record sales have been a huge success.

Once Karina was directed well on her way, it was the sensual Kiara’s turn. Aggressive compositions, suggestive lyrics and original arrangements, were the ingredients that also placed this woman amongst the top music artists of the country.

The record company for which he works as a producer decided to pass in his hands another assignment. This time it involved recording the new LP for Guillermo Dávila, whom which returns to promote his new record company. As usual, Rudy La Scala achieves his assignments. The songs of the “Musiquito” are being played in all radio stations. For that reason many affirm that Rudy is a type of King Midas, everything he touches he turns it into gold.

Just as he has the golden touch to catapult others into fame, the same is true for his singing career. During his visit to Chile, he performed in front of a very receptive crowd. The fans joined their voices together and sang to his songs.


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