Rudy La Scala

Interview 06 Interview with Rudy La Scala
May 7, 2006

When he was a little boy his pastime was to sing and to create sounds, his notebooks were witnesses of the art and feeling that ran through his veins. In 1971 he managed to gain his first opportunity and with the pseudonym of Flavio he records an album with Rudy Márquez but nothing happens. In 1975 he goes to Italy where he deepens his studies in music and specializes in the field of electronic instrumentation. “I returned to Venezuela in 1979 and formed the group “Ambar”, with Maria Conchita Alonso as the lead singer, thus we received our first Gold Record Award” he tells us.

Rudy continued his career in 1985 but as a solo artist and presented that first album under the title “Volvamos a Vivir” [Lets Live Again], “Mi Vida Eres Tu” [You Are My Life] becomes a very popular song and gains success without precedents. “It was total madness, it was the theme song for the telenovela (soap opera) “Cristal”, wherever I went I would be recognized as the person that sang in the telenovela and I received awards, Gold Records, it also led me to produce various theme songs for telenovelas. The next album, “Cuando Yo Amo” [When I Love] gave me new international hits, Platinum Records and Billboard Magazine named me amongst the top 10 most popular artists of the year for songs such as “El Cariño Es Como Una flor” [Love is Like a Flower], “Por que Tu Eres la Reina” [Because You Are My Queen] and “Vamos a Enamorarnos” [Lets Fall In Love].

“Por Que Será" [Why Is It?] is a song that marks the career of this Venezuelan artist, permanently transporting him from one side of the continent to the other. “I entered my studio, started playing a few notes and it started to come together, I auto inspired myself, it was something I lived. The “Por Que Será" [Why Is It] "any hiding spot becomes a castle at the time of loving one another", it is a fantasy, only because they are forbidden and they make you believe they are intense but when they are no longer forbidden and are allowed, that is when reality hits you. A survey showed that from 100% of people that separate from their partners, 70% get back with their partners, 15% stay with the other person and the other 15% prefer to stay alone. This song brought me lots of problems in my life but it solved others and I could again return to those times as a child in which spirituality would draw my attention. When one goes through difficult stages you end up meditating and asking oneself Why?”

The lack of communication is the worse enemy in a relationship, did it happen to you so that you could live what the song says?

“Yes, I looked outside the relationship and that is the wrong way, because you can not learn with your partner those beautiful games of love that are wonderful, looking for the solution together and finding it within is very interesting.

Every person, when they wed, says the first year is an emotion, passion lessens the following years and then it becomes customary but, what happens with love?, it is necessary to cultivate it like a plant. The best example is given to us by whales and dolphins, they are faithful until death and when the mate of a whale dies, the whale commits suicide, great example but this is not suggesting that one should go and commit suicide.

One often sees 40 or 50 year marriages that have found this feeling of love, understanding, many values and suddenly one of them leaves this life, and soon after the other follows. However, if in fact there is no solution in the relationship, rather than ending up badly it is preferable to end the relationship, I think this is healthier, but it does not mean that you will not give it a second chance in the future.”

As human beings we know how to administer our emotions and we grow depending on our mistakes, it is a law of life. Do you think this applies to you?

“You bet. God lets us do what we need to do to learn, he is kindness and intelligence. To find oneself, see our errors, and accept them gives us a sense of value. I also share the belief that love is an important feeling in the life of a human being, one may see a beautiful day on a gloomy day. There have been cases that, because of love, a person that is dying does not pass away until they see the person they wish to see. When in love we commit many mistakes that later cost us blood tears”

When you were in the peak moment of your career, you decided to back out, what was the reason?

“My daughter Kimberly was born and I wanted to give her all the attention she deserved, give her my love and I know that if I continued to step off a plane, checking into hotels, and going up stage, this would not let me and because I think the audience deserves respect, this was the correct path I took. That experience was unique, it made me stronger, and helped me to grow and mature my soul.”

Do you have an advice for couples?

“I leave the best advice in two songs. The first is “El Cariño es como Una Flor” [Love is Like a Flower] if I neglect you a little someone else can enter your life, instead of looking to change your partner, if things are going badly, then you change inside, accept your faults and your mistakes. There is nothing more wonderful than to come home and find flowers on the table, meaning the atmosphere is being purified, and to find someone with their arms open and receive a kiss, a "how are you?", "how was your day?" It’s those little gestures of affection that mean so much. When one knows someone loves us, we are blown up, it is a nice feeling and “Cuando Mi Amada Me Ama” [When My Loved One Loves Me] is my second advice, a song written with the heart.”

Rudy La Scala has demonstrated he has great talent as an author and interpretive artist and he subtly crosses the skin of the soul making contact with the deepest feelings. He talks and sings about love in a simple way.

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