Rudy La Scala

Crystal Song
Mi Vida Eres Tú [You Are My Life]: The theme song for the soap opera Cristal (Crystal)

The King Midas of the 80s Venezuelan pop, Rudy La Scala, comments about the song that also gave name to his first album as a solo artist, Mi Vida Eres Tú.

“To such point the executives at RCTV were pleased with the song that they were on the verge of replacing the name, Cristal, for Mi Vida Eres Tú. But, logically, it was necessary to respect the signature of the author Mrs. Fiallo. The lyrics were written by the Argentinean Luis Angel and its title was, originally, Mi Amor Eres Tú [You Are My Love]. I decided to substitute the word ‘amor’ [love] because it seemed to me the word was used often for ballads during that time.”

21 years have passed after the launch of that song and La Scala assures that, to date, this has been his most successful album. “The planets aligned so that I could have a good gust of wind. Unfortunately, I sent everything to hell because I fell madly in love with someone; my professional success did not interest me. Fortunately, I have faith in myself as an innovative artist.” A sample of the aforementioned is what is listened to at the moment in the radial dials: a new Venezuelan Folkloric version of Mi Vida Eres Tú, pertaining to a new record production under the seal of La Scala.

Mi vida eres tú
Performer: Rudy La Scala
Soap Opera: Cristal
Protagonists: Jeannette Rodríguez and Carlos Mata
Year: 1985

Writer: Rudy La Scala / Luis Angel
Arranger/Composer: Rudy La Scala

Perdona es que yo caminaba por aquí
Y en tu alcoba vi la luz
Perdona mi actitud quizá debí llamar
Y no presentarme así
Perdona la ocasión así lo decidió
Y de vuelta estoy aquí

Creo que me equivoqué
Que bella que te ves
Ya no puedo seguir
Mi vida eres tú
Y solamente tú

Tratando de explicar su mano le tomé
Y la intenté besar
Mi vida eres tú
Y solamente tú
Abrázame y veras que aún en nuestro ser
Hay fuego que apagar

No sabes que tan mal lo puede uno pasar
Ausentándose de ti
Cada día yo traté amar a alguien mas
Que fuese igual que tú
Ya vez hoy regresé con mi vergüenza estoy
Cara a cara frente a ti

Si me quedo dímelo
Y si tengo que partir, perdona es que aún
Mi vida eres tu
y solamente tú

Tratando de explicar su mano le tomé
Y la Intenté besar
Mi vida eres tú
Tan solamente tú

Abrázame y veras que aun en nuestro ser
Hay fuego que apagar
Mi vida eres tú


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