Rudy La Scala

I Believe
Interview with Rudy La Scala
Rudy La Scala, upon his return
Feb 28, 1996

"I believe in myself, in my music and in the audience"

After four years of absence, during which he was completely dedicated to exert his role as a father, this Venezuelan composer and singer returns with "Sentimientos" [Feelings], his fifth record under the Sonográfica seal. He does not consider himself a telenovela [soap opera] composer, nor a prophet in his country and affirms that piracy has created a cancer in the Venezuelan art.

It was 1971. Rudy La Scala begins in the world of music under the pseudonym of Flavio. During that same time, he records an album for Rudy Márquez in which he was the producer. In 1975, he travels to Italy to deepen his studies in music. Two years later, he returns to Venezuela and puts in practice what was learned, achieving success as the producer of Ambar, a group in which María Conchita Alonso was the lead singer and a group that won Rudy La Scala a Gold Record.

From now on, the name Rudy La Scala has been associated with the success of various artists, for whom he has composed or produced in various occasions. Among these include Kiara, Karina, Guillermo Dávila and Mirla Castellanos. He had disagreements with some of them, but admits that "when the moment to work comes, incompatible personalities become compatible".

After a four year break in which he was away from the world of music, Rudy returns with a production that he admits should have been released earlier. The album is made up of twelve songs, all are his own, three are brand new and the rest are songs that were available before but there was no space to include them in previous records. For him this is a form of publicity, he does not believe in the compilation of greatest hits, this new album simply includes songs that the audience has not heard before. For that reason it is not possible to speak of compilation.

-What are your last musical compositions based on?

The album Sentimientos is 80% full of my own experiences. Each song is a movie that reflects diverse aspects of my life. In some cases, it is simply pure fiction.

From what it seems, Rudy La Scala knows what he is getting himself into upon his return. He knows he has greater popularity abroad than in this country. At some point he could have been a prophet in his country, like Franco de Vita, Yordano and Ilan were. But he did not.

"From the begining of my career with the song "Mi Vida Eres Tú" [You Are My Life], from the soap opera Cristal, I was more successful abroad and just a short time in Venezuela". But affirms, in spite of his success as the singer of soap opera songs, that he is not a television show composer. Independent from that, it is necessary to promote the artist without needing to resort to the soap opera.

Creative Crisis

Rudy La Scala says that after the country had its "boom" of composers, production has decayed remarkably due the lack of creativity. But he continues to work hard and maintains that creativity is a question of practice, something he finds easy and simple. "It's like what Osmel Sousa [a beauty expert] does when he sees a woman: he takes from here, he puts over there and we get the next Miss Universe. That is creativity".

Upon his return, La Scala has taken conscience from a serious problem that is affecting record companies and the production of records: piracy, that according to him, in the country is about 86%. "If a record company spends several millions to produce an artist, and then someone launches them in a pirate way, that is pure ignorance... They are not affecting me. They are affecting the record companies, and because of this reason, it is normal they are scared. A cancer is forming in the Venezuelan Art and the artist is not the one that is harmed the most, he affirmed. I am conscious that I had many problems with Sonográfica, but I am here, to work on good grounds".

La Scala is a Venezuelan, born in Italy, to who the country gave an opportunity to grow in all aspects, "the only way I can repay this to Venezuela is through my singing and my music".

In regards to his facet as a producer, it was not always easy for Rudy La Scala. When he produced Kiara's album, he affirms she wanted to set all the rules. "It is ok to say 'I would like such and such' when you are note paying the bills". About Karina, he maintains that she is a wise singer. "One time she did not like a song but the producer told her it would be a hit then she sang it. We are incompatible, but we become compatible", he said.

Rudy La Scala added that this new contract with Sonográfica is only as a singer, this does not prevent him to continue producing other singers from different record companies. In fact, there is a surprise coming up with Sony and at the moment he is preparing between four and five talents in order to incorporate them into the market.

Courtesy: Hilda Ligo Conde (El Nacional, Venezuela, February 28, 1996
Legend: Rudy La Scala: "With my return I want to help out the resurgence of the record market"


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