Rudy La Scala

Body n Soul
Rudy La Scala “En Cuerpo y Alma” [In Body and Soul]

It is fourteen new songs that contain that characteristic style in the whole continent. The Venezuelan artist Rudy La Scala presents his most recent work “En Cuerpo y Alma” [In Body and Soul] an album performed and written by him. “This is an album you can dance to. It is very romantic but without melodramatic songs” affirms Rudy who was absent from the world of music for six years. In hisown words, the absence was due to mental fatigue. “I was bored of interviews and the continuous traveling. I needed to be with my family and have spiritual tranquility”.

During the six years that he was away, Rudy composed songs for Kiara and for other known artists. “En Cuerpo y Alma” [In Body and Soul] is a sample of the maturity gained by Rudy during the time of reflection. From this perspective he has created songs like "Santísima Virgen María" [Holy Virgin Mary] which with a certain sense of humor excuses the unfaithfulness, by treating it as the desire to have the love of that other peron close to us, whose stimulus responds to human instinct, ignoring any social commitment or marital status. Other songs include “Te Amo, Te Amo” [I Love You, I Love You], “Cómo te extraño” [How I Miss You], “Gracias Kimberly” [Thank You Kimberly] (inspired by the beauty the author has been able to discover in his little daughter).

Courtesy: El Heraldo, Barranquilla, Colombia
October 19, 1997


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